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a person who acts drunk when he/she is not.
You only had the neck of the beer ya gronk,
by yhl September 12, 2003
Rough, crass, common slag - can be found in prolific areas of in-breeding in Somerset and Wiltshire
by Anonymous April 29, 2003
I have to take a gronk.
I just gronked in your toilet.
by pekka head October 14, 2003
1. To clear the state of a wedged device and restart it

2. To cut, sever, smash, or similarly disable.

3. The sound made by many 3.5-inch diskette drives.
I'm gonna Gronk you up!
by Haxor November 21, 2002
Someone who cannot walk in a straight line without tripping over his freakishly large feet making worse the fact that when his face hits the ground his enormous buck teeth scrape the ground letting out a hideous high pitch scraping sound
"A cute cuddly bunny rabbit = Gronk"
by Marikah August 30, 2005
Some one who is tall and fat, they smell all the time and never have any money.
"hey man can yo buy my lunch? i left my wallet in the car, i swear to go i will pay you back man!"
by Holley November 01, 2003
An ugly girl, slut or bitch
Check out that gronk; thats the gronk that ...... took home last night. F*%k off, your a Gronk. this place is full of Gronks
by Luke Cameron February 13, 2007