A deadshit, a suck-up, a person who has nothing going for them, a person who refuses to face reality, a bludger or a scab, a pretentious person, a rich mummy's or daddy's boy, a stupid person, a dense person or one who does not care about the opinion of others, when they are right.

Originated in Lane Cove Shops, Sydney in the late 90s and spread rapidly...

People who are up themselves. Snob businessmen.

Lads; ad lays (pig latin).

Teenage kids who refuse to grow up and cant see past there own hard cunt attitudes.

A person who does not care about themselves enough and has low self esteem.

Stupidity for the sake of a non-humorous laugh, usually between close mates; a dickhead.

Dense; someone who does not get it!

Lane Cove Slang.
"Look at that gronk lad scabbing cigarettes for spin - what a deadshit!"


"Can I borrow some money?"

"You never pay me back"

"I will this time... I promise man..."

"Fuck off gronk!"
by johnnygun August 21, 2009
a male version of a skank; "one who gets around"
"look at that gronk, that's the fourth chick he's made out with tonight"
by Trav the Gronk February 20, 2006
A ugly or homely woman. One that you wouldn't have sex with with your worst enemy's prick. Usally used as a one word sentance with accent on the 'o'.
by gronk May 24, 2003
to savagely hook or punch an annoyin person for example your friendly neighborhood rapper`
jroc & basco: we hate mtown rappers

d-dot & smeegs: we the best in the world we smoked blunts wit donald trump

*jroc hooks d-dot(gronk) nd basco gronks smeegs
by R.B.A March 05, 2008
Verb: To stick your nose into someones Belly Button like you are a pig hunting for truffles.
"He Gronked me and my belly button is wet."
by Ray White October 04, 2007
1.)dumbass motherfucker
2.)see Lawrence Liu
Don't be such a gronk you jackass!
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
Two levels down from white trash.
Those gronks were too smacked out to make it to their kid's custody hearing.
by Dave November 24, 2003
...is an overweight woman who is very clumsy and sloppy. This woman is usually loud and has big feet!
That fat fucking gronk won't shut her mouth!
by Trevor Chapman February 02, 2008

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