A hug tackle. Very similar to glomp but with more emphasis and less rules on how to use it. Often used while chatting online, but also transferrable to real life.
Dante: haha thanks I needed that

Real life:
"Daaaamn, did you see Samantha gromph him? That shit was hawt as hayell!"
by dante-ray August 03, 2006
Top Definition
To eat. In particular, to eat quickly and without self-control.
I'd planned to eat only one biscuit, but in the end I gromphed the entire packet.
by JohnTheLutheran September 21, 2009
Is way cooler than epitaph because he epi licks monkey nuts.
wow, that guy is so gromph.. and him over there is so epitaph, ewww, get away from that monkey.
by Sean January 03, 2005
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