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A, usually unpopular, Teenager who trys to be 'emo' or any other 'rock' social cliques but fails miserably.
Gromits often will try to dress as if they are trying to be 'unique' but end up looking like twats, will listen to 'screamo' rock music that they do not even like and cut themselves and/or act depressed to try and fit in with the more popular rock scene.

They, for some unkown reason, believe this is how to fit in.

They are wrong



A gromit band:

A band that calls themself hardcore/rock
But are shit

i.e. My Chemical Romance
Gromit: "Hey cool people with awesome hair and skinny jeans, may I hang out with you? I even cut myself and wore my converses especially"

Cool people: "No, you're a gromit who wants to be us, go kill yourself"
by Christopher 'Munky' Newton February 09, 2008
18 28
someone with a dangerous addiction to the online game "RuneScape", using the disguise of the famous dog Gromit.
"1 4m gr0m17 7h3 1337 h4x0r"
by dale April 11, 2005
6 17
A cross between a dork, a mallrat, a hippie, and a rocker. Gromits hang out at the mall or in parking lots. They are known to wear:
Dr. Suess hats
Marilyn Manson or Korn shirts
Jnco jeans
Wallet chains of hemp rope with beads in 'em
Gromits are almost always white. They listen to ICP and Staind. Gromits are by definition teenage boys in the most awkward phase of growth of their lives. But there are female gromits. They usually have acne.
Dude, shut up I remember when you were a trenchcoat wearing gromit at the mall.

It was to her eternal shame that she lost her virginity to a townie gromit one drunken night when she was fifteen.
by Cunnilinguist December 07, 2003
25 36
A girl who is both 'Grim' and 'On it'. Grim in the sense of shes probably not had a shower for a few months, nor has she any physical attributes in any way appealing. 'On it' in the sense of her being fucking gagging to shag you.

You: "Krystal was bare tryin to gwan me last night"
Your Bredrin: "yeh shes a fukin gromit"
by BJ SHITTU April 04, 2006
14 27
another term for asshole, butthole, shithole, and/or fart-faucet
dude, i ain't a bunch of pizza, now i have an irritable gromit.
by clitoRuss October 26, 2004
5 18
A name for a dirty little midget.
God, you're such a gromit!
by Alex Dunn April 06, 2005
3 18