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3 definitions by TacoSaladDay

The act of finding a geocache and taking a shit in it.
After using his handheld GPS locator for hours, the boy scout was disappointed to discover he was a victim of a geodumping.
by TacoSaladDay October 10, 2005
41 23
The act by which a man strips completely naked, tucks his penis between his legs (aka mangina), and performs ballet moves. This is typically done in front of an audience of only other dudes.
Dude! Brian got wasted and did a Miss Mandarina in front of everyone at the party! WTF!
by tacosaladday January 28, 2009
14 4
When a person rolls up a magazine to guide vomit through his/her legs while sitting on the toilet.
Aidan had to gromit when he needed to throw up while taking a shit.
by TacoSaladDay September 30, 2005
29 34