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When a girl gets an involuntary twinge in the groin region as a result of thinking of/ witnessing something arousing.
Keenan: Did you SEE Channing Tatum in uniform in Dear John?
Caitlin: YES, I groin clenched so bad!
by BaileyBoo28 April 03, 2011
When a girl contracts her groin for pleasure because she can't properly fud herself as the situation is too public or she is just too tired.

Often referred to as a minge twinge
Example 1:

Man, Dave Grohl's pretty hot. Pretty damn hot. I'll just have a cheeky groin clench over him as there's way too many people on this damn bus to get proper involved with myself.

Example 2:
A: Girl, you want to get out of this club?
B: Babe, I'm groin clenching at the though of it!
A: Oh Baby! Hummuna Hummuna!

Example 3:
That boy in that advert is pretty hot. I think he deserves some special attention but it's been a long day so he'll just get a groin clench or two.
by VIPizzle April 03, 2011

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