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A very efficient French insult that can be applied to :

- at 2am on a Saturday night in Paris, the bitch who just took the taxi 2m away from where you had been desperatley waiting for one
- the woman in the elevator to whom you wish a good evening and who just presses "close" as an answer
- the waitress who bumps into your chair every 2mn and never apologises
- a 21-year-old girl who has huge breasts and touches her hair with a childish laugh after every sentence
- an innocent woman that you want to publicly show spite to

Often, all the bulllet points above apply to the same person. When that happens, you can be pretty sure that girl is "une sale grognasse" or "une énorme grognasse qui pue" (transl : "a huge bitch who stinks").

You would usually share the comment "quelle grognasse celle-là!" with your friends when the person is gone or cannot hear.

To sound cool, use "ma grognasse" to designate your girlfriend when you are with her best friend.

see Radasse

Best translations : bitch, cunt
"Mais quelle grognasse cette meuf !!"
transl: "What a bitch!"

In front of Les Bains-Douche : "Regarde derrière-toi : un banc de grognasse!!"
transl : "Look behind you, a shoal of bitches!"

Inside le Duplex (Parisian night-club) : "Tiens, c'est réunion de l'amicale des grognasses ce soir ?"
transl : "Well, it looks like a meeting of the 16 district bitch association!"

"Oh, la grognasse, t'as pas l'impression de me prendre mon taxi là ??!"
transl : "Hey bitch, don't you fee like you are stealing my taxi??"

"Super le thème de ta soirée, je peux venir avec ma grognasse ?"
transl : "Your party theme is great ! can I come with my bitch ?"
by Dr.Reboot June 24, 2009
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