A male between 15 and 40 whose life revolves around beer, cigarettes, wings, sports predominantly football and baseball, and having random sex with women whom you would never date, and use the word "massive" in every other sentence.
Grode 1: "I can't wait to grow my moustache and start chewing tobacco for the next softball season"
Grode 2: "That is why we call you grode leader"
by Caesar O'Reilly September 22, 2003
Top Definition
The physical manifestation of grody behaviours: grime, dirt, filth, grit, mould etc.
After two days in the same socks, Tim's feet were covered in a thick layer of grode, particularly in between his toes.
by Booyaka-shawn October 30, 2003
A small, skinny penis.
Girl: "Omg so I was blowing Gregg the other day and..."

Boy : "Okay, you blow a dude every week what's so special about this?"

Girl: "He had the smallest grode I've ever fuckin seen! I made him pull his fly up once I saw that."

Boy: "Not surprised...he always seemed like he was insecure about something..."
by partisanwarrior97 May 17, 2016
A male who goes four months without washing his pants.
Grode 1: Hey Grode, what's that in your pocket?
Grode 2: A reciept for Madden 2004.
Grode 1: You mean you haven't washed those pants since you bought Madden?
Grode 2: Yep
Grode 1: Massive.
by Angry Ape September 24, 2003
Also, to have a life revolving around computers or other game playing such as Playstation specifically Madden.
Being apart of and in association with and of the following:
Geeks, nerds, social outcasts, drug addicts, gamblers, spy-technicians, leppers, dwarves, nialists, drunks and liars.
Damn, look it that friggin' Grode.

Stop being a Grode and give me the damn cigerette.

by Anonymous September 24, 2003
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