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Short for grizzly. An older man who tries to hook up with younger women.
Did you see that grizz try to buy her a drink?
by SeattleEverett September 07, 2007
14 25
taken from the Vacation movie series; Clark Grizzwald shortened simply to Grizz. Are vegas vactioners who

(1) wear t-shirts of the shitty hotels they stay in
(2) drink those frozen drinks out of large mugs on the strip
(3) take public transportation in vegas
(4) play slots at the vegas airport
(5) wear fanny packs over their jean shorts; AND/OR
(6) etc.
Hey look at that loser Grizzing out at the slots by the delta gate.
by Nick Pappagorgio June 13, 2007
6 18
Slang for a gram of any type of drug.
You holdin? I need a grizz please.
by Michael Goodrich December 04, 2006
15 44
a huge bear like human who likes to plumb
gabe is called the grizz for many reasons
by dufa October 12, 2006
24 55
cocaine or yayo ... some people also refer to GRIZZ as a gram of cocaine.
I went to cop the grizz a half hour ago.
by jgrizz September 01, 2003
10 57
To take a big nasty poop.
Zach had to take a grizz.
by Zach December 11, 2003
12 65
Your Daddy
Bow down to GRIZZ
by Grizz September 18, 2003
6 69