when a girl rubs her big horny ass on a guys weiner region!!
i was at the club one night when i saw this chick dancing with her friends. her breasts were giant and you could see them through her bra less shirt!!! she was wearing tiny spandex with her big ass hanging out. i could feel a boner coming on..so i decided to please my cock and start grinding against her fine ass. I came over to her and without even asking i just shoved my slef up against her ass pleasing her every pleasure. She then put her hands on her knees and shoved that ass on me!!! i reached under and stuck my hand on her wet pussy. then i squeezed it making her moan and want more. she turned around facing me and put her leg between mine. i thrusted againstt her tight little shorts and unzipped them to have some more fun! then i slid them down and through them in the crowd!!! now it was just her red thong all to myself!! i grabbed her by her ass and pushed her onto me. i grinded that little pussy so hard i could feel the wetness of it onto my pants!. i squeezed her tits and then french kissed that chick so good! i could tell she needed to cool down so i sat her on the couch and massaged her tits to relax her some more. but i needed more for her so i grabbbed her by her thong and forced her to give me a lap dance! boy that ass was so big and firm it hardened my dick so fast! we than went outside of the club and banged each other on the bench waiting for the bus!!!!

and the rest....is a little too wet for urban dictionary
by dirtydirtydirtyooh December 26, 2010
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Also Known As Dirty Dancing. When a girl is rubbing her ass all over a guys dick until it comes to the point where he gets a woody
i was grinding with this girl with the biggest booty
by ___ October 18, 2003
Dirty Dancing. When a girl moves her ass on a guys dick to turn him on. Or when the girl and guy face eachother and the girl rubs her pussy with the guys dick or humps his leg. It's any sexy or suggestive dancing.
I grinded with my boyfriend at prom untill he got hard as a rock.
by progrinder July 02, 2005
when a girl is in front of a guy, and they're dancing; her butt to his crotch. he places his hands on her hipbones and pulls her closer. the girl shakes her stuff and the guy enjoys it.
When Katie was bootydancing with me, I wanted it to last forever.
by horny4u September 25, 2004
The act of dancing where you rub your penis on a girl's ass in a dancing fashion It feels really good and it never seems to last long enough. Sometimes it can get really graphic and god does it feel good.
Dude, I loved grinding that blond babe with the huge ass!
by jonathanhigh5 July 15, 2006
where a girl rubs her ass in a guys crotch until he gets a boner.
i end up grinding at every dance. the teachers hate it.
by Elvis McCann September 20, 2006
dirty dancing- the girl rubbing her ass on the guys crotch
yo they were grinding all night long out on the dance floor
by lacy May 07, 2003
is a form of dirty dancing. where a female rubs her booty on a guys dic till he gets hard
we wre gridin all night long
by Hannah Richardson May 05, 2005

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