Another word for food or anything edible that you would chew/grind with your teeth and swallow.
Hey Man, I am starving let's go find some grinds
by will cosgrove July 27, 2007
the act during sexual intercourse when the female sits upright on top of you with deep penetration and furiously rocks herself to orgasm
There is no better feeling in the world than when Karen jumps on top and starts to grind.
by Mike2point2days October 15, 2005
To crush something into powder/ to rub at something with a rough material.

Gaming: To battle monotonously in order to gain exp. very quickly.

Dance: To gyrate the hips erotically.
I was grinding up black pepper yesterday.

Gamer 1: Damnit, I hate those bastards...
Gamer 2: Grinding?
Gamer 1: ...yeah.

He was watching her grinding.
by BOO! ...bies May 18, 2011
A type of music that consists of super fast drum beats, super fast guitar and bass riffs, and is chaotic and heavy.
Circle of Dead Children is a really good grind band.
by saragore June 17, 2006
Used to describe two alternating states common to students and professionals in technical fields: the state of "grinding" for a work/school deadline and the state of "grinding" on the dance floor following completion of said academic/professional responsibilities. This connotation is most often applied to graduate students in doctoral programs, particularly in fields that involve intense computer programming and/or rigorous technical calculations, in which case it is referred to as "the research grind".
It was apparent to his colleagues that Philip was grinding on a paper deadline, as he was unkempt and his attire consisted of a Stanford hoodie covered in pizza stains. Nevertheless, Philip and his friends looked forward to the MTV style grind to follow said deadline.
by The Great Shaddini April 27, 2008
-to "get up all on that" and "get some"
-to shread to bits
-Hey u gunna come to tonite's party? theres hella girls to grind on

mom, use the girter to grind me some cheese
by d-g-3ngiuh04-dbfig3-v January 05, 2010
1. A sexual dance that is popular at public dances though very sexual.
2. A drug deal.
3. Intense video game training.
1.Ex: Dude, that chick was totally about to grind with him!
2.Ex: There was a grind going down behind the supermarket; I hope no one got shot.
3.Ex: Nerd1: Man, I got a level 50 squirtle and I haven't even fought the first gym leader yet!
Nerd2: WOW, grind much?
by MasMarMan July 31, 2008
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