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1. A person that is a low life, brings grim and sorrow to those around them
2. A sub-human
3. One that darkens a room just by their presence
person one: Man, the energy suck in here.
person two: That's cause that Grimmer, Tickle, is here.
person one: That explains it.
by Blanko_6105 July 15, 2014
1)One who is named after the norse god Wodhin. The root of which is 'grimm' meaning to bear a lot. Therefore Grimmer is one who can bear a lot.

2)An adjective describing a situation more intense that the word grimm just dosen't cut it.

3)The name for a person (preferably a man) that is extremely sexy and is extremely good at sex.

4)An overly sarcastic member of older generations.
1)now joe bob grimmer was a tough guy and could lift near 400 pounds

2,3)friend: Why are you so good at everything? You're like, perfect.
Grimmer: I don't know, I guess it's because I'm a Grimmer.

4)(following a sarcastic statement) Don't be so grimmer, I don't like it when your mean and tease me.
by Kimberly Lazars December 09, 2005
An alternate form of Grammar but, is more commonly used in today's language.
your fake!

Nice grimmer
by Yasjalnadie June 14, 2010