To give someone head.
Hanah gave Otis a grimble in the backseat of his car.
by Hanahbanana September 23, 2010
someone who wears purble jeans and is chubby.
originates from grimace.
mitch is grimbles because he werars purple jeans and is chubby
by charloski January 13, 2008
noun; used in reference to girls who look like they would give a midget head for a biscuit while their english teachers wanks onto her lower back. for added emphasis say in a high pitched voice.
Person 1: Fuck look at that Jodi, what a slag!

Person 2: Grimble!
by Raaaas May 13, 2008
Pornography, of any form.
Maaan, me Mrs found me grimble collection and i'm in deep shit
by Skalla July 08, 2006

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