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A powerful protector, a person who is always concern about others and caring for others, they are very unique in their own way, they are sensitve, and shy.
Why is Grimaldi always caring ?
by ItalianGirl21 January 12, 2012
A Hairy and Unkept Vagina
Women of past era's would have had Grimaldi's.
by Sergio Ole April 21, 2009
1. Used to define the gist of a bud. Term referred to as smoking reefer.

2. The definition of someone who is mentally insane and/or mentally challenged.
1. I'm so high that grimaldi was great.
Hey they cops are coming, hide the grimaldi.

2. Hey you're so grimaldi right now, stop eating soap.
by DoubleDx2 March 05, 2009
Synonym for grimy; uncool. Used in Peru.
Joe: I think they made those chicken skewers with rat meat, dude.
Bob: Yo, that's so grimaldi.
by jerodast May 31, 2011
The lowest form of hominid characterized by small hands, beady eyes and a bald head. Usually found in office settings. Although able to read, write, and speak, the grimaldi is often prone to distrustful erroneous and bombastic comments. Although not physically dangerous, one must be extremely cautious around a grimaldi due to his/her proclivity to sandbagging colleagues.
Can be used as a verb or adjective.
My boss is such a petty grimaldi, how on earth did he get hired in the first place. (or) I've been grimaldi'd! Five years working with this company and my coworker grimaldi'd me by telling the boss about my private life as a stripper.
by Diego Cabron October 02, 2006
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