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A person that hooks up with ugly bitties often because they get drunk.
James: Hey Puerto Rico you see Alex leave the bar with that busted ass bitch? I swear people hook up with the ugliest people when they are drunk
Puerto Rico: Where I come from we call them Grilleros
#el grillero #mistake of the night #drunkass #proyecto uno #best song of the 90s
by Keeping it old school May 26, 2011

1) A person trained in the art of preparing and serving foods cooked on a griddle, such as at a diner or fast food restaurant.

(Faux Spanish for "grill tender.")
To finish the breakfast order, the grillero laid a fried egg onto the corned beef hash.
#fast food #grill #mcdonald's #wendy's #junk food #greasy spoon
by John Kasdorf February 12, 2008
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