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Griends= Girlfriend when I'm drunk, Friend when I'm sober
Boy: I want to make out tonight.
Girl: Friends don't make out.
Boy: Were more then friends your my griend...
Girl: What's that?
Boy: Your my girlfriend when I'm drunk and my friend when I'm sober...
by Surge Nights August 26, 2011
1 4
In homosexual culture, a person of any gender who is LGBT and is friends with another person who is LGBT.
"Hi mate, are you going to see your griends tonight?"

"Yes, we'll probably just watch a movie tonight, I went drinking with a griend last night"
by CosmicDolphin April 27, 2010
44 12

can be a casual female friend or a love interest
by udadder September 11, 2010
3 11
abbreviation for girlfriend.
Joe told me I was his most memorable griend
by jukes May 10, 2003
2 38