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The scrotal seam - where the two halves of the scrotum unite
"What's up?"
"sore gribbin mate.."
by mrgribbin March 04, 2009
46 10
1. alternate name for 'stroking oneself'; jerkin; masturbatory actions
Al marked himself away while in the shower. You just know he was in there gribbin.
by subarudrew May 14, 2004
30 14
1) (n.)A small, whiney, oriental serving boy.
2) (n.)A person who complains in a dazed stupor.
Has anyone seen my gribbin? He forgot to do my wash! or The way he talked about staying awake made him seem like a big gribbin!
by Aaron L. Sked December 01, 2003
7 14
Large monkey like creature, not unlike the gibbon, known to engage in homosexual activity.
Ah, that Gribbin is trying to bum me!!
by Proinsias Ó Braoin December 10, 2008
5 13