clear liquid when mixed w/lemonade mix.this mixture will have you talking shit and driving drunk all weekend long.
nothing is better than a date with a grey goose.
by op March 10, 2004
A bus used to transfer inmates to prison.
"I'm on my way to Chino, rollin on the grey goose
Shackled from head to toe
25 with an izzl, with nowhere to gizzo" -Snoop Dogg
by Akizzle January 12, 2006
What black women call blondes under their breath. see also: grey girls
Cockblocker: No grey goose for you tonight, nigga!
by idiot buster September 30, 2005
to grab a man's genitals, putting them into a sort of choke-hold until the penis turns gray and falls off. Also, committing this act while drunk on Grey Goose Vodka.
I gave that son-of-a-bitch one hell of a grey goose when I found out he'd been sleeping with my best friend!
by serarg January 22, 2007
The shape of a hand made with all fingers coming to a cone position with the intention of fisting something.
Kim looked back at kanye saying "give me your grey goose, I want to feel it up to your elbow!"
by greygoose69 February 25, 2015

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