European term for constipation. You know it's eventually gonna come out, but it's a bit painful and messy before it does.
Dude, avoid the feta - gave me the grexit real bad.
#constipation #greece #europe #euro #exit
by Costas Notafuckingcluestos June 27, 2012
Top Definition
\grɛgzɪt, grɛksɪt\

A portmanteau of "Greek/Greece" and "exit," the term "Grexit," popularized in May/June of 2015, has been applied to the possible exit of Greece from the European-currency zone, popularly known as the "eurozone" (also "Eurozone," "Euro zone," and "euro zone") because of its heavy debt to EU creditors like Germany.
Greece's recent "no" vote, which means it's rejecting the EU's plan to pull Greece out of debt, might be a victory for Greek sovereignty and democracy, but it's probably going to lead to a Grexit from the eurozone.
#greek #greece #grexit #greek exit #debt #economy #europe #eu #european union #democracy #deficit
by bighominid July 24, 2015
A word used to describe the possibility of a Greek exit from the Eurozone and possibly the European Union of Failures
Is the grexit going to happen?
#european union of failures #eurozone of failures #greek exit #greece #europe
by Ryan is a fish. July 23, 2015
The Great Exit at the office that is not in view of management
It is 4:01pm and Vic has already left through the Grexit.
#401 #grechit #sneaking #grecit #grexx
by h835593 November 18, 2011
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