(greht-chen) v. To omit an ingredient from a recipe.
Diner: Mmmph. What's up with the cake?

Chef: Yeah, sorry about that, I Gretchened it. I forgot the eggs.

Diner: Hm. It's not bad, though.
by firststoptech December 18, 2011
Sorority girl; Born rich, likely to a couple of white trash aristocrats. Loves to party and good in bed.
Gretchen is so sexy!
by clairethefashionista April 20, 2015
An aggressive way of strechin'
"Man I was GRETCHEN at the gym today!"
by cbsnewsrachelray April 08, 2009
A self-conceded biotch who doesn't care about anyone but herself. Never thinks of others and is too fake to have any friends. Extremely ugly to the point of being unbearable to look at.
Who would ever want to live as a Gretchen.
by Bsksuebao November 24, 2014
A popular dog name.
We once knew two dogs named Gretchen!
by coolsarah February 04, 2010
1. The world's best spanish teacher, under the age of 30!!
2. A master of "knitting" and "pearling"
3. Patient, kind, and resistant to extreme cold due to a frigid Michigan upbringing.
4. La mejora profesora de espanol en el laboratorio de tecnologia.
Tami: "Oh my gosh! I totally love spanish this year!"
Tina: "Yeah. I'm sure its because you have a Gretchen for a professor."
by E. Evonna c/o 2008 May 28, 2008
A psychotic mother who mistakenly believes her children are the perfect example of purity, chastity, morality and good breeding.
The gretchen up the street won't believe that her son stole my son's tools.
by Hoosier_Daddy July 09, 2006

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