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Def. (grine-ner): A womans private parts;

(1) A vagina with sand or other loose particles in it, leading to, and/or associated with irritation or infection.

(2) The unclean genitalia of an older and/or promiscuous hooker.

(3) An unclean genitalia of a trans-gender exotic entertainer.

(4) A sexual organ capable of self-stimulation, not requiring a willing counterpart.

(5) An aging, delusional elephant, grasping for purpose past the point relevance.

(1) I always shower after that swim, I always get sand in my greiner.

(2) I don't care if it is a greiner it still makes me money.

(3) Do not date that woman, I hear she has a greiner.

(4) She is well known for her greiner.

(5) That greiner is slowing down the herd.
by Grassroots Fact Man October 04, 2010
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