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Named for a legendary local gangster, the Greever is a popular drink in the new bars around Chattanooga. It consists of three parts sweet tea to one part urine, garnished with a lemon and usually served with salted hard pretzels. (May or may not contain several ounces of low-quality vodka or rum)
Overheard at Hennen's Restaurant...
Man: "I'll have the Greever."
Waiter: "I'm sorry sir, we don't serve those kinds of drinks here."
Man: " Well, I'll just go to Walt's sports bar. Thanks for nothing, asshole!"
by Jamal K. September 29, 2012
one night stand, a lesbian, cunt, the pube that gets stuck in the back of your throat
ex. choke choke shave that shit greever bitch
by in your dreams April 06, 2008

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