Originally published by National comics, as a stroy about a man, alan scott, granted powers by, literally, a Green Lantern. During the silver age of comics, National (now DC) reintroduced the character, this time an inter gallactic law inforcer named Hal Jordan. Since that time the role of green lantern has been filled by John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and most recently, Kyle Rayner. The original, Alan Scott, resides on DC's Earth2, and now goes by Sentinel. Hal Jordan died after becoming obssed with power (nd becoming the being Paralax) but was resurected as The Spectre. He has since given up that identity. Kyle Rayner acts as Earths green lantern, and Guy Gardner and John Stewart continue to act as superheros within the Green Lantern Corps.
The Green lantern has the potntial of being the most powerful thing in the universe, so why is Kyle Rayner such a pussy?
by Salcker Apathy April 03, 2005
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The name of several comic book characters published by DC Comics. The original Green Lantern, Alan Scott was created by Martin Nodell and first appeared in "All American Comics" #16 in 1940. In 1959 the concept of the Green Lantern was reimagined with the character of Hal Jordan who debuted in "Showcase" #22. Several human Green Lanterns including John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner have followed the tradition of Hal Jordan as well as thousands of alien Green Lanterns across the universe.

The Green Lanterns all share the basic concept of possessing a Power Ring which can create virtually anything the wearer wishes, limited only by the wearer's willpower and imagination. The Power Ring carries a finite charge and must periodically be recharged from a Power Battery in the form of a green lantern.
Geek1: Hal Jordan is the best Green Lantern ever!

Geek2: No, Kyle Rayner is the best Green Lantern ever!

Geek3: I like the one that looks like a celery stalk.
by isthisnametaken? April 09, 2008
To ejaculate between a woman's breasts and afterwards shine a black light on them, making the ejaculate glow.
Yo dog let me borrow yo black light, I'm bout to Green Lantern this ho tonight!
by MemoRandom March 11, 2008
The act of fisting, but while wearing a green ring and reciting the Green Lantern oath.
Man: I want to green lantern you so hard
by Negative Zero 34 February 08, 2014
while in the midst of anal intercourse pull out and let her blow her nose on your cock, then light the snot on fire, making a green flame, you then masturbate until you cum leaving a green haze glowing over your girl.
if you ever feel unlighted you should try a little "green lantern" to fire yourself up.
by j man 23 September 02, 2010
When you take a beer enema and then shoot it into a girls mouth.
Tera: Can you give me a Green Lantern.
Captain Scarn: I would love to.
by Followers of Mookie February 23, 2014
master l33tzor and pwnzor
takes it in the ass occassionally
despises demonfox for never answering in vent
pwns sasuke
smoke the cock 24/7

any problems contact my secretary
im a superhero not a DJ
by mike March 16, 2005
When a girl uses a glow-stick as a dildo, whilst at night time, therefore, making a glow in her pussy.
Jennifer used that green glow-stick to do a green lantern at the party.
by METALLICA123 January 02, 2011

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