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Export 'A' Green cigarettes. They're the most hardcore kind, hence the green death.
"Dude, you're smoking green death. You're gonna die really soon.."
#cigarettes #smoking #export a #metal #hardcore #darts
by i break the law January 24, 2007
Rainier Ale, a brew from Washington.

It used to come in dark green cans. Open on of those cans and the room smelled like death for a few moments. The beer inside the can definitely was an acquired taste. But it was delicious!
Waldo always took a six pack of Green Death to BYOB parties. That way, he was assured of having all six cans.
by Bumkicker Slade May 07, 2005
Original flavored Nyquil. The green one.
Oh man I'm about to pass out,I just had a swig of the green death.
#green #death #nyquil #the #the green death
by Roach28 February 08, 2008
the hangover after drinking the beer "rolling rock." usually when consumed in insanely large amounts.
bro 1: dude my hangover is so bad
bro 2: you got the Green Death my friend
#rolling rock #beer #hangover #fantasy football draft #college
by bird man jr. September 07, 2011
Canadian KFC coleslaw.

It comes in a uniform green colour that you will never find in nature. Even the unknown 'fluid' at the bottom of the container is the same green colour.

Tastes damn good, though.
Gimme a 2 piece meal with the Green Death.
#kfc #food #coleslaw #green #nasty
by Spammerman August 16, 2006
A mixed drink, composed of a 1:1 mix of Jagermeister and 190 proof Everclear.
A typical "single" of Green Death would be 1 1/2 oz of Jagermeister and 1 1/2 oz of Everclear, for a stiffer Jager experience.
#alcohol #jagermeister #everclear #green death #beverage
by mike8989us1 December 16, 2008
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