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A shit so huge, it can not exit without vocal assitance.
I took a groaner last night that clogged the toilet.
by Spammerman August 16, 2006
The transport helicopter used by the MEC and PLA forces in Battlefield 2. Slow, ponderous and easily shot down.
"I'm going to take the Skycow to the enemy base."
by Spammerman June 20, 2006
Canadian KFC coleslaw.

It comes in a uniform green colour that you will never find in nature. Even the unknown 'fluid' at the bottom of the container is the same green colour.

Tastes damn good, though.
Gimme a 2 piece meal with the Green Death.
by Spammerman August 16, 2006
1: To take a shit in the tank of a toilet. Ususally done on the day you move out, or at the house of someone you hate.

2: To fill the toilet tank with 20+ packs of jello.
I'm tanking the toilet, so we can leave right after.
by Spammerman August 16, 2006

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