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Greeley, Colorado is famous for hardly existing. The college or university or whatever a nitwit might call it is so far below Mediocre, it's classified as an 'advanced kindergarten'. Nothing else exists in the city except drunks and child molesters. Zombie-fied citizens, the living dead, where you go other than Hell, the ultimate cess pool!
I went to Greeley Colorado to see what was there, and I was so surprised to find NOTHING at all. This hole makes Buffalo, New York look like Heaven
by Dr. Gregory Darvis January 05, 2011
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what can i say..nothing good.greeley co is filled with wanna be gangsters.people act like the people at wallmart (bad wallmart in town)all the time.nothing to do,except get high and drink.cause thats what almost everykid is diong.a mexican white community.with alots of race issues.a hospital with steryle issues.all the shops are closing ..cause everyone shops in loveland and fortcollins.recentley had a murder case cause of a stupid child molester.lets say you visit here watch your children!
john-im visiting family in greeley colorado!
kate-better hold your children tight!
john-haha very funny ,i brought a gun..
kate -kool!heres my shank.
by iliveingreeley February 01, 2011

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