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A mid-sized college town in northern Colorado consisting mainly of hoodlums, Hispanics, and hipsters. The town smells obnoxiously of cow shit and remains devoid of all things fun. The only decent hang out spots are either shut down or riddled with the lamest kind of gangsters. The only two places to go to hang out include the local mall and the new-ish ice rink, both of which are quite disappointing and are now utilized mostly as a spot for drug-pedaling. In the sad excuse for a downtown, meth heads and stoners roam the streets both day and night. The town's only redeeming qualities remain the Stampede that comes around every Summer, and the fact that since there is a large population of Latinos, there is also a large abundance of kick-ass Mexican food. Overall, the town is boring and suckish with very few positive points.

Also commonly referred to as G-town or Greality .
Friend 1: Hey, where do you wanna go?
Friend 2: I don't know, we live in Greeley, Colorado, there's no where to go unless you're looking for pot.
by G-town Dweller April 16, 2011
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