Greebo: from my experience greebo's are a usually friendly people, wearing an assortment of black clothing, often being mixed up with goths and metal heads but lacking in the metalhead brashness and the goths usual shy personality. Wearing an assortment of accessories such as metal chains, baggy black jeans usually from "soho" shops, occasional tattoos resembling things associated with death, grim occasions, morbid characters etc, spiky wrist bands and occasionally metal rings and with black or dark hair, Greebos also have the stereotype of having greasy or unwashed hair, coinciding with the theory that they do not wash. They also wear dull coloured clothes whilst lacking any vibrance.
Many of the greebos i have met have been clean and well mannered, yet i would have to admit that most are unhygenic and lacking in any self respect for cleanliness.Although with any social "group" i try to keep an open mind, Greebos dissapoint me in their many links to the scene and emo groups. Casual sex and complete disregard for partners and proper relationship seem to end up with most greebos becoming depressive and obsessive, possibly because of their ways they became greebos or because of the like minded people they surround themselves with.
Greebos seem to listen to all sorts of Rock music, mainly heavy metal, Screamo metal and death metal but also emo music and pop emo. This means bands such as My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium and Arch Enemy but they seem to branching out into bands such as Enter Shikari with the blend of trance and metal. Music is a main interest with Greebos, and defines them,as with most other social groups. Concert going and hanging around in usual surrounding such as parks,town statues and landmarks listening to music on loud stereos is a common theme in greebo life also.
Some greebos associate themselves with emos, punks and some skaters, forming an alliance and socialising through their interests, eg music, sex and hobbies, such as skating, circus activities and poetry.
Greebos are also associated with self harm, and as i mentioned before depression, another key link to "emos".
On the whole, Greebos are a caring, friendly group, creative and well meaning, yet lacking in much moral fibre and standards, in respect to relationships they appear whoreish and thoughtless.
"hey look, some greebos, be careful cos theyre a little dirty and slightly imposing but they seem to have written a mildly entertainin yet depressing song."
by crispynugget November 11, 2007
people who have longish hair, wear baggy clothing and listen to heavy music. TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM PUNX, but we usually get on. have a habit of getting targetted by chavs/rudies/cunts cos they look a bit wierd and dont look hard. in this case, us punx, who look hard, must stand up adn tell em to fuck off because, however good they think they are, greebos DO NOT tell chavs to fuck off. if they do they get beat the shit into, which us punx dont cos we acctually fight. generally ok people, so leave them alone, espescially if they're hangin with punx.
Chav: ay look bled! some fukin greebo biatches, innit? lets cruise over and lick em up!
Greebos: oh shit. chavs.
Punx: Fuck off you cheap cunts, unless you want a bottle round your fucking head
Chavs: oh shit bled! hard ass mofos! split bled, split! before we iz done in like the cunts we are, beld!
Greebos: thanks
Punx: shutup and learn to fight man.

by trent April 19, 2005
greebos are rock/punk/indie listening hipocrites who wear baggy jeans n tops which usually represent a band/ fire/ skating brand or death. Greebos are hypocrites as they always cry and moan in order to be treated fairly like an normal person, when they themselves dislike people that dress in tracksuits and listen 2 grime/ drum n bass/ garage and label them chavs, as a result of their prejudice against these people some greebos are beaten. some greebos go as far as Wrist sliting. But all greebos constantly crave attention by wearing bright colours in order to stand out. And they wander why they get abused.
greebos: look at those chavs (PREJUDICE) siting on the wall (laugh)

people dressed in sporty clothes listening to diferent music to the greebos: Why are they looking at us what have we done to them

greebos: haha neds, dirty chavs living in council houses init

people dressed in sporty clothes listening to diferent music to the greebos: stop taking the piss, i have enough of this constant prejudice lets beat them!

( a few dayz later)

greebos: it was awful there were these chavs siting on a wall and they just came over n beat us up just because we were diferent :(

by Truth Speaking Kid December 27, 2006
A greebo - The peaceful type of oposite to townies

But...the ones classed as greebo's infact, HATE being called greebos!
These ones who call themselves greebos are basic wannbes....they purposly become "depressed", harm for attention, and obssess over extremely mainstream bands that are way too manufactured for their own good, eg: HIM, or The rasmus.

They basically become what they THINK are goths.

They also give themselves a bad name....they go on about how unfair life is and why do they get picked on and bullied....and they complain about how they are different and thats why....but rock/metal/punk has been givin a bad name by greebos because they listen to it, and it gets blamed for stupid children doing stupid things bcause "they listen to rock" which any smart person would no is rubbish and they are just attention seeking.

Black, baggy, old, cloths are usually the dress code for the greb's.

No one knows why they call themselves different, they arent, they are the same as everyone else that dresses and acts liek them
these greebos are usually 11-15 yr olds, but it can stretch to 17 if they are stupid enough...thank god though a greebo is a phase...much like the townie attitude and others....eventually they grow out of it and realise "god ir eally did know nothing"

if there was a such thing as a "none wannbe greebo" then i guess they'd listen to rock/metal/punk, be peaceful, and a normal average joe...dressing how they feel comfortable, or in a way they are influenced by what they listen to....but alas these type of people HATE being called greebo's as they all know a greebo is a wannabe goth/punk/metaler(thts if ur guna put labels on it)
Greebo: "OH MY GOD! VILLE VALO!!!*licks poster*"


Greebo: "Im a greebo! i hate townies! i hate my life!"
by Jebadia Zwick August 01, 2004
greebo, not goths not townies but human not even aliens... if your a greb then thats ur choice no one can tell u 2 change, as no 1 can tell u wot u can or cant be if its wot u want its pathetic...
Goth- mainly into selfharm dark moods and but most of them are quite nice
Greebo- not all greebos get stoned they wair baggys big deal
Townies- think there hard cos they can beat the livin shits out of people like grabos just cos they have big gangs n go to extreems of looking hip
Trendy- well its anova word for townie isnt it
Gangster- theres the greebo type and theres the townie type mostly found ingangs
skaters- usually found with a skate, board blades or bmx
so wot townies r tryin 2 say is that u dress act n are different u deserve to get beaten up for no real reason wen most of u r inocent leave people alone "TOWNIES U WONA B HARD Y DONT U GO N BEAT UP THE COMICS OR OTHER TOWNIES IF UR SO ARD N UR GUNNER BANG US OUT YA GREAT BANG YART U COS UR BIG N SO WOT IF PEOPLE R DIFFERENT" spose ur gunner b beating straight people up next yea like ya care
comic- comic crew very nasty people who go around beating people up for fun hang in same gangs get drunk and carrie knifes and gunns with them along with metal base ball bats etc n will beat up n e 1 u c a comic u run!!!
GREEBOS PUNKS SKATERS GOTHS ROCKERS MODS GANGSTERS there all different take the time to learn it n ull find that out
TOWNIE TRENDY BOY RACERS NORMS there all different but all act the same to people who they think are different

BIG DEAL im a greebo n no one is gunner take that away from me... SO GO AHEAD BEAT ME UP BUT ILL STILL BELIEVE IN WOT I WONA B COS IM ME N UR U!!!

x imo x
greebo- baggys, arm warmers, colourd hair, logo tops, skater shoos or goth boots, rock music etc... spose u could class stoners as another thing all together
townie-low cut tops, mini skirts, high heals, dance music, act stuck up and hard etc...
by IMOlovesBENNETT June 08, 2004
A skiv. They smell a lot and tend to do rather skivvy things, like eat things off the floor, or fleg on people, or ask for bum sex.
*boy flegs on a moving fan, which deflects the spit onto a red eye named shane bailey*
by Samillyroy July 14, 2006
dont you sad people see that you shouldnt be a greebo or townie or whatever you should be whatever suits you wether it's seventies or goth but what is really pissing me of are those pople who put things like "greebos are people townies hate because they are cooler and better than them." Thats just pathtic because to me townies are better they are classy to me but I have plenty of mates wich are greebos and it just sounds as though you wont like sombody because they are wearing over priced nike trainers or a punk rock band you have never heard of on their sweater so i'm going to actually say what a greebo is without being any of those things.

A greebo (greb) is somebody who tends to wear clothing that is comfortable for them and is streotyped to enjoy listening to punk/metal/drum and bass when really they could like a veriaty including garage etc.
There were loads f townies and greebos hanging in the town
by nadia March 20, 2004
Well, on a shcool trip me and my friends had to teake off our braceletes because we were about to do archery. Yes me and my friends listen to rock music and may be rockers but we aren't how you all think we are rockers are cool. Me and my freind were saying how strange it looked without our bracelets on. I asked a boy who i know who was in our activity group if we looked strange without them. (we usaully wear them) and he said your a greebo! WE looked at eachother confused. What does that mean?! i asked him and he said greasy haired rocker! I was hurt by this, my hair is no way greasy. Later on, still on the trip a Chav *shudders* apparently called my friend this, i told her if he said that to her again tell him atleast we know how to dress (as you probaly know chavs have a bad dress sense) she laughed. But i dont agree with this atall. In my opinion it's just a word they made up because they dont like us. Can't see why though because we are really nice people and theres nothing wrong with us. (Chavs) are obviously jealous of us lol. So to me Greebo is a offensive word used against people such as rockers. Its rubbish. Associated with people who don't take pride in their appearance. But we do. Most people do! They seem to think this of (rockers) etc like they are anti social and dont care about the way they look.UNTRUE. I do all the time. But thats just my opionion of what this word greebo means from my experiances.
Chav: "oi greebo"
Us: *confused just walks away it means nothing as its untrue*
by Bob lol not realli June 25, 2005
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