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really hot mexican girl
makes people jealous
likes to party
Do you know Grecia?" "Yeah! She's such a party girl!
by Virginia Spankalot May 25, 2010
Its a nice girl thats into old rock music.
Grecia : I wish i lived in the 50s
by Word Expert December 27, 2004
Mexican girl with a name that sounds like Greece.
Has big breast.
She can be nice but is a jealous person.
Has mood swings all the time.
Dude, Grecia is weird! She's all happy and then BAM!!! Shes Angry!
by shewasmean January 14, 2010
A very beautiful girl, has an amazing body and is very talented at many stuff. She doesn't give a fuck of what anybody thinks of her because she knows that she is beautiful and that many guys wish to have. Is funny most of the time, you will never see her cry and if you do is very rare, Also she is very short and loves tall guys! She is a very good singlet as well! So if you are to get this girls attention you are one lucky fucker!
Believe me grecia will make you happy if you ever go out with her
by Unknown_alien November 20, 2013