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When you make a fohawk with your hair when it is really greasy. Usually done after you don't shower in the morning or after a sport.
Nice Grease-Hawk, take a shower you pig!
by payday555 January 02, 2011
A more common hockey player phrase used to describe a guy who hooks up with women who are of a more plump nature.
"Only a grease hawk like you would muck it up with that big ass broad."
by dportal June 20, 2011
A grease hawk is a mohawk that use hair gease from unwashed hair in stead of gel or hair wax. These grease hawks are usually found on those who have no jobs and are bumming around town, making mischief.
"Hey Bo, when was the last time you washed your hair?"
"Like 4 days ago, why?"
"Because you could make a grease hawk out of your unwashed hair."
by The Mate of State September 25, 2006

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