1. The shortened term for a Greaser. Often used like a nickname.

2. A movie made in the 70's about a Square wanting to date a Greaser, staring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

3. Oils from your hair when it hasn't been washed in a few days.

4. Lubricant used in a car to make sure nothing overheats.

1. "Thanks for the help Grease."

2. "Did you guys see Grease last night on VH1?"
"Yeah, it's been playing all month."

3. "Did you see Shebly's hair? It has all that grease in it."
"Looks like she doesn't wash her hair as often as she should."

4. "Did you grease up the car?"
"Sure did, boss."
by Mademoiselle Bettie Page August 09, 2006
Top Definition
A movie that is amazing that was shot in the late 1970s and stars Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.
Grease is still the fucking word...
by mr.tnt March 16, 2005
Grease is the word, is the word, that you heard.
It's got groove
It's got meaning
Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion
Grease is the way we are feeling
"Grease is the word, is the word, that i heard"
by Jack Alan December 11, 2005
1. One of the longest running Broadway musicals of all time. Filled with cheesy, nonsense plots and music...but you love it anyway.

2. A movie starring Olivia Newton John and John Travolta. Based on the play, with a thicker plot and added songs such as "Grease is the Word", "Hopelessly Devoted to You", and "You're the One That I Want".

3. Fatty or oily matter; lubricant.
That girl played Jan in Grease! Her hair looks pretty greasey...
by MINIM0NSTER April 21, 2009
To kill, murder, ice, wack, or otherwise eliminate someone
He caught his wife cheating on him with some hot shot lawyer, he greased em' both.
by hunts January 20, 2004
Cash given to someone for a favor; to pay off; bribe.
The line into the club was long so I greased the bouncer and walked right in.
by Ryan Thomas O. March 12, 2006
1) 1979 movie rated the best musical ever. The big Break for John Travolta.

2)To kill someone.
It's got groove, it's got meaning.
by Gumba Gumba March 15, 2004
The Greatest Fucking Broadway show alive put together by the greatest High School cast alive! Crunk, ReDONKyoulous oh six.
Grease is the word
Summer lovin, had me a blast
Those magic changes, my heart arranges
by ACT March 29, 2006
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