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Grawr is the sound that inadvertently follows the simoultanious takeover of the world government by Barak Obama, Osama Binladdens acceptance into the national dance academy where he wil study nothing but interpretive dance which he will use to express his fondest wishes for dark chocolate over the CBC and BBC networks while Optimus Prime lands on earth and visits all the Las Vegas strip joints while teaching Megatron about being male (insert breath here) aaaaand a misfired nuclear rocket fly's into the sun causing a tachyon eruption which brings back a T. Rex which has a brain the size of a walnut, which back then were the size od large dogs, and then procedes to send Captain America into the Bat Cave where he and Batman have an epic ninja fight which launches the Batmobile into the ceiling causing Alfred to have it fixed by his cousin Alfred Molina, who then transforms into Doc. Oc. and terrorizes the poor llittle city of Paris. Where Stormshadow fires a nanomite missile into the Eiffel Tower, which then gets eaten by that dinosaur that I mentioned earlier which then has to be put to sleep by really gay showtunes that are belted out by Superman and Wonderwoman who are currently fighting Scorpion and Sub-Zero while Lui Kang gets busy with that female ninja no one knows the name of from G.I.Joe.
!. Grawr.
2. OH SHIT!!!
by Royolin October 26, 2009
A growl Rawr Hybrid.
It is a sign of anger, frustration, or any other synonym of the two.
It could be used as an animal noise.
Grawr! I forgot to do my calculus homework!
Grawr says the... Liger.... Grawr.
by Boppenfeffer January 05, 2006
The sound a bear makes when agitated. This word is used similarly to "rawr" except for the fact that one does not wish to sound like a dinosaur or a scene kid, one wishes to sound like a bear.
Grawr! I'm a bear! Fear me... becuase I'm a bear. And bears are scarier than dinosaurs because bears are a real threat.
by Kendracula February 01, 2007
Grawr is from Dino talk and is the mix of the words Rawr and Grr which changes the meaning to I Fucking love you.
Grawr for bringing me Vodka, Jack Daniels and 5 oz. of weed.
by Zander Sixx March 14, 2011
the best kid ever, my mini-me.
my little aussie buddy.
a lovely amazing kid who needs to live with me.
have you talked to grawr?" "yeah, she's -amazing-.
by wonwondenine April 07, 2011
A word (a bit like "rawr", which often means "I love you") in dinosaur used to say "I love you very much."
Guy: Hey... I don't know how to tell you, so... Grawrr.
(runs away, later gets on computer)

Girl: Hey, I forgot to tell you... I speak dinosaur. I love you very much, too. <3
by EmYeuAnhMaiMai April 12, 2010
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