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Gravy in sachet form. Is accompanied by what many consider to be the best ad ever made. Sounds a little like Gravy-Ox.

Also used as a good-luck exchange between friends. Often accompanied by a raised fist.
This is Gravy. This is an Ox. This is Gravy. This is an Ox. Gravy. Ox. Ox. Gravy. (sung) "gravox, it sounds a little like gravy-ox"

(before an exam) "Gravox!"
by Kate Williamson July 02, 2005
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Used to describe a shit the morning after a big night out on the piss (alcohol).
Mate a just had a massive gravox.
You dirty bastard you gravoxed the dunny.
I gotta go to the dunny mate, im shittin gravox.
Don't go in there i just had a gravox
by Banga81 August 24, 2006
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