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Someone who excretes juices from their rectum. I.e. A fag excretes sperm. Can also be used to insult someone as a poof, fag, etc.
Piss of ya dirty buttleak.
Just cause you got buttleak.
You're that gay i can smell your buttleak.
Did you just get an enema today or have you got buttleak?
Get a but plug you dirty buttleak
by Banga81 August 24, 2006
When a picture of a chick is so fuckin hot that you can masturbate to it.
Dude that pic is hot as fuck. That is definite pull material
by Banga81 May 23, 2011
Used to describe a shit the morning after a big night out on the piss (alcohol).
Mate a just had a massive gravox.
You dirty bastard you gravoxed the dunny.
I gotta go to the dunny mate, im shittin gravox.
Don't go in there i just had a gravox
by Banga81 August 24, 2006
To be knocked out ..... in one punch!!!!
To cop one hell of a beating
To be a winging little bitch that cries after starting shit.
You just got Noked the fuck out!!!!
I'm gonna Noke that prick out!!
Fuck check that cunt out he's noked!
by Banga81 August 24, 2006
To cop, recieve or insert a finger into someones ass. AKA asspoker
You poof stop trying to freddy me.
She gave me a freddy last night.
There's no way anyone's givin me a freddy
by Banga81 August 24, 2006

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