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A hypothetical spin-2 massless boson which is responsible for the gravitational fields we experience everyday. The graviton is the quantum particle of gravity.
Particle colliders have yet to find a single graviton.
by A.froman September 02, 2010
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A theoretical subatomic particle proposed to explain the irregular gravity field between Uranus and the Asteroid belt known as Ass. Roid "H" in deep orbit. Gravitons have yet to be detected by the naked eye, but this is probably due to a lack of inscentive {sic} by the scientific community.

In urban lingo, the graviton has been extended to mean: any type of interpersonal offensive that gets heavy into your shit.
Get your damn gravitons outta my roids, you bozon.
by Pakanoia September 19, 2010
An epic 4th year section in Philippine Science High School, known for their stunning delivery of a reader's theater performance which gave a student his well-deserved passing grade.
Is that the awesome Graviton performing onstage? Wow, they're great.
by apolloishott August 18, 2010

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