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The act of stealing and licking and/or munching another's hard candy.
"Get Graped Bitch!"
"God he would not stop Graping me yesterday!"
"Obviously there's a Grapist in Linkin Park"
by Katelyn Chrizzzzzzzzt December 20, 2011
The act of squeezing one or both of someones testicle(s) like a grape as a means of interrogation, or punishment. Popular amongst females and homosexuals.
Girlfriend: So where were you last night?
Boyfriend: Don't worry about it.
Girlfriend: *grabs balls*
Boyfriend: OMG STOP GRAPING ME!!!!
by idesignbetter July 24, 2009
Graping or G-raping is the Google+ equivalent of facebook rape; that is to comically deface a friend's profile...
You've just been graped!

The act of being graped: graping.
by ScriberUK August 12, 2011
Groping or Grabbing someone from behind, in a forced way, in order to stick a finger into the vagina or his/her anus.
Groping + Rape= Graping. Past Tense, Graped...

"The park on 35th street is where John does his graping"

"John grabbed Jane and graped her unwillingly."

by 13end3r June 29, 2006
Gay rape (in a no homo way), followed by a verbal "no homo"
Oh my God Mitchell's graping him!

Mitchell: No homo
by silenthief May 19, 2010
The act of doing something dirty by a person that you wouldn't expect.
Did you hear? Vill and Wiloria are graping. Those two kids were so innocent at first, but I guess thats what happens.
by Frank Majobia February 16, 2009
The constent beating of another after the pleding to stop.
Slap,Slap your mom-"Oh god, please stop." Me-"No!Im graping"
by YellowishHD February 02, 2011