The constent beating of another after the pleding to stop.
Slap,Slap your mom-"Oh god, please stop." Me-"No!Im graping"
by YellowishHD February 02, 2011
Top Definition
The act of squeezing one or both of someones testicle(s) like a grape as a means of interrogation, or punishment. Popular amongst females and homosexuals.
Girlfriend: So where were you last night?
Boyfriend: Don't worry about it.
Girlfriend: *grabs balls*
Boyfriend: OMG STOP GRAPING ME!!!!
by idesignbetter July 24, 2009
Groping or Grabbing someone from behind, in a forced way, in order to stick a finger into the vagina or his/her anus.
Groping + Rape= Graping. Past Tense, Graped...

"The park on 35th street is where John does his graping"

"John grabbed Jane and graped her unwillingly."

by 13end3r June 29, 2006
The act of stealing and licking and/or munching another's hard candy.
"Get Graped Bitch!"
"God he would not stop Graping me yesterday!"
"Obviously there's a Grapist in Linkin Park"
by Katelyn Chrizzzzzzzzt December 20, 2011
The act of doing something dirty by a person that you wouldn't expect.
Did you hear? Vill and Wiloria are graping. Those two kids were so innocent at first, but I guess thats what happens.
by Frank Majobia February 16, 2009
Gay rape (in a no homo way), followed by a verbal "no homo"
Oh my God Mitchell's graping him!

Mitchell: No homo
by silenthief May 19, 2010
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