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Fermented seminal fluid. Generally stored in a bottle or other container, but sometimes found in uncontrolled locations, such as a shower drain.
"Hey Matt, you have a pretty sweet room! Holy Christ! Is that a bottle of grank on your bookshelf? GROSS!
by SoCrispy December 14, 2008
A hybrid of "great" and "thanks," commonly used by exceedingly busy people who lack the time to vocalize both words independently of one another.
"I'll get that contact report out to you this afternoon D'Artagnan"

D'Artagnan: "Granks!"
by Penelope Cash February 11, 2009
A combination between spanking and grabbing a girl's butt.
I just granked that Helen girl real bad.
by Jimshiz November 13, 2005
To groan or grumble!

Who you grankin today?
What's your grank about Mr. North?
All this grank and you couldn't just say you had your hands in my northern apple pie boy!
Are you granky today? I could grab some dandilions, hold em up to your chin Yellow.
That bitch was such a grank, but I put my samuri in her.exp..del...and now she's fit as a fiddle.

Always a grank and a prank.

Stop lookin at my ass and what you want to spank.

Love is not sex,
it's not inside.

just a figment of my mind!

Never spoke a truth and knew where we were from.
Dirty little Mr. North all full of some.

It smells like the middle foe life we know.

A paper football we use to throw.

I know now like I knew then.

Mr. Grank North, was not always a friend.

Not ready for a truth and told a lie.
I' m made of wild cherry n' he wants his apple pie!
Theirs a rhyme just cuz I'm board,
I will not bow or call you a lord!
Testing waters to feel, smell and see,
So Mr. Grank North why are you following me?
Using harsh words when you knew what was right,
Rkelly should piss on you insted girlyman, you only come out at night.

The witch in me as plan as Jane,
Watching the stars shine loving wet rain.
Dancing again around the trees with a fire,
This is to far and thats walking a wire!
all it takes is just one dial,
tricky lil grank Dic with a crocked smile!
I forgot about taste so hear's ya some
The Mans still young dumb and full of....!
Something putrid in smell or essence. Puts the witness in a state of disbelief as to why something this horrible would exist.
Bro 1-"Yo man that girls face is grank"
Bro 2-"Dude you just think that because you ain't seen your mommas vag"
Bro 1-"Man, not cool."
by b.i.g. F April 24, 2009
A combination of Grunge and Rank. Something which is total disgusting.
Hey you know that abbie? Her fanny was totally grank!
by FaZe DFC November 27, 2008
The sound produced by a license plate being forcibly removed from a vehicle.
My plates weren't on so good, and when I hit that bump, GRANK, off they went.
by Mister Man the Guy September 21, 2004

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