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1. Larry Johnson, LJ, retired NBA player. Power Forward, Small Forward. Played for the Charlotte Hornets and New York Knicks. The nickname originates when he played for the Hornets in a series of Converse commercials in which LJ dressed up like an old lady. LJ is most remembered for a 4-point play in the closing moments of Game 7 of the 1999 Eastern Conference Championship that elevated the New York Knicks past the Indiana Pacers. Johnson played college ball at UNLV, and won the National Championship.

2. Larry Johnson, Running Back, Kansas City Chiefs. Is primarily only called Grandma-ma by Chris Berman on Sunday NFL Countdown, because his name is also Larry Johnson.
1. Spreewell drives, dishes it out to Grandma-ma, for three... YES!

2. Huard hands to Grandma-ma, and he COULD..GO..ALL..THE..WAY!
#grandmama #lj #larry johnson #basketball #knicks #hornets #football #chiefs
by anonymous 777777 January 26, 2008
An older "grandma-like" gay male mentor to younger gay men (non-sexual).
"I really love my Grandma-ma Derrick, she really taught me a lot about history!"
#grandma-ma #gay grandmma #history #mentor #gay #learning #love #family
by One angry fag February 21, 2007
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