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Grand Prairie is located in Texas, Dallas county area. A small town yet reknowned for hometown heroes. Many athletes and celebrities emgerge from this small town. Grand Prairie is divided within two parts, North and South, it is a gradient from North to South, from poor to rich.
I moved to Grand Prairie to become sucessful.
by Michael February 23, 2005
Grand Prairie is the shit, only number ones are a product of GP, we are the best and we strive for the best. Dont forget, we from Texas too!
GP that's my hood put it in yo face get that shit understood!!
by HoLLa! April 28, 2005
where a whole bunch of mexicans will steal your car while your sleeping in your house
1: hey where do you live?
2: grand prairie texas
1: dang i know your car got stolen
2: yep you right it will be the 5th time this month
by aassdddfffggg August 08, 2008
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