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Grammadeclinitadaughtaphobia, procounced (Grama-deck-Lynn-I-Tea-AH-Dot-AH-Phobia) is the refusal to follow through on final detail regarding written grammer, such as dotting an "I" or crossing a "T".
Teacher: " Mary, your essay was quite difficult to read....I don't understand why your letter "I" looks like the letter "L"."

Student: "I'm sorry Mr. Xman, I suffer from chronic Grammadeclinitadaughtaphobia....."

or :

Teacher: "Tlmmy? Are you here?"

student: "Actually, my name is Timmy......"

Teacher: "Oh my, Im quite sorry. I do that sometimes.....I have verbal Grammadeclinitadaoughtaphobia. "
by Professor Duck June 09, 2009
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