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A frontal vagina wedgie, on an elderly woman.
"Eww, i went to the beach today and this old women had some serious grameltoe"

by Mr.Mitch August 14, 2007

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Noun: A Gramel Toe is where the area of the body known as the vagina becomes squished up within the fabric of the clothing around this area. This variation on the original 'Camel Toe' is specifically found in the older population, eg. OAP's, Elderly, Retired persons.
Whoa, check out that GILF over there with the gramel toe.
by The darkest warrior April 25, 2010
when an elderly woman a.k.a a grandma has a camel toe.
"ewe that old hag has a gramel toe"
by nominama December 02, 2009
A grandmother whose pants look like they are being eaten by her vagina. A grandmother with camel toe.
That old hags puss must be hungry cuz she was sporting gramel toe.
by Jimbojangles June 13, 2008