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Gay drama
So much Grama right now in my life. They just broke up and he wont stop crying to me about it.
by JessJess43 July 02, 2010
A mix of gossip and drama
Mike: Dude you stole my girlfriend
Dave: No she doesnt like you anymore bitch

(Next Day)
Noreen: Did you hear about mike and daves fight last night???
Patty: Yeah haha mikes girl cheated on him with dave and they fought, thats so ridiculous!!
Sam: You two are so full of GRAMA
by Mattybas December 22, 2007
A mix between a giraffe and a llama.
"Dude, look at his neck and buck teeth!"
"Yeah, he looks like a grama!"
by 3CE June 06, 2009
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