An old person who tries to act cool.
Kid: Hey! Get a load of the graham cracker! Ahaha!
Man: Is that a geezer on a skateboard?!
Kid & Man together: A 360 Varial McTwist?!
by Smart American Male October 18, 2006
A person who is half-white, half-Mexican.
Mom's from Mississippi, Dad's from Mexico, so I'm a graham cracker.
by bubba22 August 27, 2005
A person that has a white father and a black mother. Ex. "I thought shorty was just light-skinned but I saw her white pops and now know she's a graham cracker." Word comes from the fact that although a graham cracker is brown, it's still a cracker,or although a person may have brown skin,if their father is white, so are they.
Black Man:"I thought the chick was just light-skinned, but turns out her pops is white."
Me: "That's a graham cracker, bruh."
by Sabal Iwalum November 02, 2007
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