1. A chronic bailer who constantly must attend engagement parties and misses out on things like watching sports, and chilling with his homies.

2. A person with above average speed, who consistantly steals less bases the slowest players on his team.

3. A whiney bitch who calls his friend's douches for making plans on a publiclly seen message board.

4. A comic book nerd
1. "Did you hear? Dave pulled a Grachnik last night!"

2. Devon White only stole 34 bases in his first two seasons in the league. There were many concerns that he would be destined to be a Grachnik.

3. All I wanted to do was set up some plans with Mark, and buddy had to go all Grachnik on me.

4. Did you see that Grachnik in the movie theatre complaining about how they didn't explain the origin of Captain America's sheild, what a tool!
by The Rumour Guy May 07, 2008
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