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Blessed with presence, or gave favor to.
"Its about time I graced you with my presence"
by Arthur L March 08, 2006
to be given the perfect gift, present or party. Named for Grace Carter the inventor of the giftfinder. Traditionally used in parts of Devon or London. Not be confused with "Ninged" which means the opposite
I've been "Graced" with this Christmas present
by scpg December 11, 2008
A state of alcohol intoxication in which one simply cannot get more drunk. Typically characterised by a total loss of motor control and eating hideously out of date Muller corners. Morning after symptoms include; oversleeping (likely requiring a friend to wake you up), being a moody bitch and having a complete blackout with no recollection of the previous nights events.

Although symptoms are severe it usually occurs after having a highly banterous night out.
Paul: ' Did you hear about her state last night'
Mark: 'Aw naaahhhh, she was absolutely Grace'd! She collapsed on the floor and tried to start a fight with me!'
Paul: 'Rough'
by MarkIArm December 15, 2015

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