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Noun- Pointing out idiocracy in others
Verb- To point out idiocracy in others
Mr. Dent: "Daniel you didn't graph anything!"
Adam: "Gra!"
by Snake2312 May 19, 2009
´Gras´ is the direct german translation for ´weed´.
Gras is good for your health.
by Fernando Cordes March 11, 2004
slang word for girl
-- used in Ft.Lauderdale and Miami
Gra, guess what?! I just seen Lil Wayne at Club Trends!
by Kbabesz June 06, 2009
An official list of approved pharmaceuticals, maintained by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Stands for: Generally Reconized as Safe
The good news is, the new pharm is now on the GRAS list!

the bad news... somebody's only now complaining of adverse complications.
by Bob "A" January 31, 2007
A feeling of over excitement or absence of reality due to a controlled substance or anger.
"Dude, dont get gras on me cause I got your sister pregnant"

"You were so gras last night, do you remember calling me during the thizzle dance?"
by CoJo March 08, 2006
A different yet equally appealing way of saying gross. When said the speaker saying the term sounds a little bit cultured.
Dude, what the fuck is she doing, man shes gras.
smell this, gras
by whatev March 24, 2005
The bra for the gunt. Available in a number of sizes, from 'Just covering the cunt' to 'dragging on the floor'.
Was that an earthquake or did you just take your gra off?

I cant wait to get my hands on that gunt, get that gra off pronto!!!!
by Rob Tyler January 09, 2004
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