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1. Female genitalia
2. Ecstasy
Comes from granny's medicine, changed to granny gowls, shortened to gowls.
1. Did you get any gowl?
She'd a crazy looking gowl on her.
You had me at gowl.

2. You get the gowls for tonight?
Man I was gowled last night.
by Gar February 26, 2006
Someone worse that a cunt
stop talking to me like i'm some knid of gowl
by Anonymous April 08, 2005
When a person utters a long, moaning primal cry. It is almost a combination of a howl, growl and wail. It is often most seen during a strong pleasurable experience at the moment of climax. May be accompanied by shaking and twitching of the entire body.
"Do you know that John has never had sex with a woman and he is over 40 years old?"
"Yeah, I bet if a good woman got ahold of him, he be gowling!"
by danmk November 05, 2006