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Meaning: A Goth Gangster

Basically looks like a hard core Goth but has a tendency to act a bit Gangster, it would be wise to stay clear of a Gothster, if you think Gangsters are badass then you've never met a Gothster!
Guy 1, " Shit, ya hear bout dat guy Dave?"

Guy 2, "Yeah, zotzing his Moll wiv dat sick chiv trick!"

Guy 1, "See man, Daves a bad badass Gothster!"
by DarbDame May 07, 2010
A person who is a mix of hipster and gothic.
I can't tell if she is gothic or a hipster...she must be a gothster...
by Gorewhore June 05, 2013
A person who appears to be a mix between gothic and hipster.
It was hard to tell if she was goth or a hipster she must be a gothster.
by JeLL0 December 22, 2012
Noun. A portmanteau of the words goth and hipster, a gothster is a person who has the mental dispositions of a goth, while maintaining a hipster appearance. This not to be confused with emo people, whose mental dispositions are simply a depressing variant of punk attitudes.
"What is up with Rachel today? She was yammering about how she met Death while getting her soy milk at Whole Foods."
"Dude, she's a gothster. She gets in those goth moods every so often."
by Zé Zé June 20, 2008
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