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To steal a friends girl from under his feet
I was chatting to a girl i liked in a bar last night and my friend swooped in and gossed me.
by Angry friend December 30, 2012
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The act of a person turning a seemingly normal situation that should not be anything more then routine into something that leaves you in complete disbelief at the absurdity of his or her ability to add un-ending complexity and work load to anything they come into contact with.
"we were doing fine till he goss'ed everything up"

"can I have the cheese burger, no mayo, two slices of onion, ONE piece of lettuce, can you crisp only the edge of the burger, and keep the cheese only touching the top bun and….” lunch just got goss’ed
by TenFourteen April 24, 2010
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1> To be lied to, have your money taken, and given to someone else.

2> Financial suppression of a geographic area by one of it's own to make young people move away.

3> What is being done to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia by MLA Gordie Gosse an elected politician.
He lied and put taxes up 2%, he totally GOSSED the people that voted for him.
by Hurtbyhightaxes April 23, 2011
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